Application and functions


An online energy management system is primarily recommended to those users who:

  • do not want to dedicate an additional computer / server to control energy consumption,
  • need access to data from anywhere they are located,
  • use data in various segments of the enterprise and therefore have to provide access to the system to multiple people at the same time so that they can efficiently submit and settle the timetables or purchase orders for energy on the open market,
  • want to have the ability to control energy consumption at any time, either from main meters, sub-meters or hourly timetables in line with commercial terms.

Our web-based interface is widely known by every computer user, therefore implementation of the system should not cause the slightest problem.

Basic functions of the system

  • collection and storage of metering data both in the internal memory and on the server (when used in conjunction with Evo-S),
  • storage of archival data, including any changes in power supply systems, trade parameters, etc.
  • comprehensive reporting on consumption of power, energy and costs based on historical data and real-time data – visualization of online and offline metering data,
  • reporting actions of power guards,
  • management of metering data for billing purposes,
  • warning of irregularities, forecasting irregularities at the end of the settlement period and sending electronic alerts via e-mail or SMS to inform about potential costs,
  • generation of reports and optimisation of the ordered contractual capacity,
  • analysis and selection of optimal tariff groups,
  • setting optimal consumption thresholds and generating cost reports when they are exceeded,
  • automatic data processing and uploading to billing and settlement systems of distribution and trading companies,
  • balancing and accounting for surpluses or shortages of energy that are not in line with orders.

Evosystem has gained a competitive advantage over other energy monitoring programs, primarily due to availability from any location, the lack of required licenses and the ability to include an unlimited number of customers, metering devices, tariffs and pricelists. An additional asset is the administrative support provided by Evolution System, whereby the user only reports changes. In order to safeguard the accuracy of the reports, all configurations of pricelists, metering systems or billing methods are performed by Evolution System employees.

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