Evosystem is a comprehensive Internet service providing the highest quality in energy management

Evosystem is a comprehensive Internet service providing the highest quality in energy management.

We would like to introduce Evosystem – a modern tool that at first glance showcases very clear and well organised way of visualising meter data. Energy management requires advanced analytical processing, therefore we have equipped our system with a range of reporting mechanisms and functionalities for controlling and comparing invoices. With its flexible architecture, Evosystem can be tailored to your needs. We are therefore able to guarantee that the final product offered to our Clients would be an invaluable aid in analysing and controlling energy costs. These are just a few benefits of our system. If you want to learn more about Evosystem click here.

Web server Evo-S and Evo-Commander.

Web server Evo-S and Evo-Commander.

The primary task of Evo-S is to read information from metering devices and deliver the acquired data to the intended recipient. In addition, Evo-S can function as a so called power guard, i.e. it avoids the occurrence of power overruns and enables you to adjust to restrictions on consumption, should they be implemented by the state authorities. For more information on Evo-S click here.

Evo-Commander has all the functionality of Evo-S, but it is also enhanced with the BMS (Building Management System). Moreover, this tool can read additional parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, light intensity or pressure. Evo-Commander is primarily used in larger buildings, where there is a need to measure and control different groups of devices. For more information on Evo-Commander click here.

Cooperation with us.

Cooperation with us.

If your company uses energy media, we would like to offer you a partnership that will certainly deliver tangible financial benefits as well as provide you with rational operations in terms of energy needs. The scope of cooperation can be based on either full energy outsourcing or delivery of essential tools to undertake analysis internally.

Moreover, our offer includes energy efficiency audits, white certificates consultancy as well as ISO 50 001 standard implementation.


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