Additional features

  • Communication with meters via the following protocols: IEC, DLMS, ModBus, M-Bus
  • Communication via serial connection with all electronic meters used by distributors in Poland and in particular:
    a) Landis&Gyr: ZMD, ZMB, ZFD, ZMG, ZFG, ZMQ, ZFQ, ZMR
    b) Elster: A1500, A1440, A1350, ABB-Alpha
    d) JM-Tronik: JMT1F, JMTL3F, JMTL3F-BT
    e) Itron: SL700, ACE2000, INDYGO
    f) Pafal/Apator: NEO, EA5, EC3, EC6, EC8, EC9


  • Communication with gas or water meters of companies such as InterGaz, Apator, Actaris / Itron
  • Management of all devices to optimize energy costs, and in particular:
    – shift of working time of dedicated devices in case of potential power overruns, (information sent via e-mail),
    – shift of working time of dedicated devices to hours with lower energy price per MWh,
    – shift of working time of dedicated devices in case of corridor imbalance overruns (energy market).
  • Adjustment of the settings of the power guard and BMS parameters both at the central level (via LAN, GPRS) and locally at the facility.
  • Collection and transmission of technical alerts via email in the event of device malfunctioning at the facility.
  • Collection of data from pulse outputs of all energy media meters.
  • Transparent transmission of meter data from connected devices via Internet (LAN, GPRS) or dial-up (CSD).
  • Indirect meter data transmission by sending e-mails with attached data files to a special e-mail account.
  • Working in a private APN (GPRS modem version).
  • Building Management System (BMS).
  • If required, the system driver is equipped with interfaces for remote data transmission:
    – standard: LAN
    – additionally via USB: modem GPRS modem or Wi-Fi



  • via RJ45 connector for Ethernet.
  • via GPRS connection (fixed IP address)
  • access to read data via protocols: FTP, SSH, SCP, www.


Configuration of driver parameters

  • via the Evo-S website
  • via the management panel available on the central server.


Interfaces / Inputs

Depending on the version, we have four interfaces that can be used with any combination of communication ports:

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • CLO – current loop
  • Pulse inputs

There is a possibility to connect the following number of devices to each interface:

  • RS232 – max 1 device
  • RS485 – max 31 devices
  • CLO – max 4 devices



The Evo-S can be expanded to a maximum of 300 digital outputs / inputs. Each output can be used to control electrical circuits. For this purpose, it is necessary to connect an additional module. Each output can also be freely configured and used as a pulse reader of any standard or as a controller of receivers and confirmations from the controlled devices.
The standard Evo-S is equipped with 3 relays, one of which is suitable for synchronizing meters and 5 pulse inputs (P3).



Evo-S can synchronize with the time read from:

a) electronic meters or

b) NTP time server.

In addition, Evo-S can act as a metering devices synchronizer via any freely configurable relay output or serial interface.


Shared data

Depending on the connected meter, Evo-S retrieves data and saves them as:

  • Short output file (configurable number of profile days)
  • Full output file (35 profile days)
  • Total output file (all the meter internal memory)
  • Metering devices output file (registry buffer)
  • Event log file (received according to the full output file schedule)
  • Energy quality measurement file (Voltages and currents in time zones)


Output memory

Internal memory in the device has a capacity of at least 2GB. This allows you to archive outputs from the past 5 years regardless of the number of metering devices loaded into the interface.


Access and security

Our customers’ data are protected against unauthorized access by passwords for both users and administrators. Communication between the central server and the driver is encrypted, and the connection is additionally equipped with a firewall module.


Housing and power supply

  • Dimensions: 85 x 130 x 185 mm (L x W x H)
  • Assembly: using mounting pins
  • Power supply: ~87V – ~260V
  • Power Consumption: max 12VA
  • Relay load: max 6A

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