Locating sources of energy intake in such large building as super- or hypermarkets is extremely difficult. With these types of facilities, it is generally recommended to divide devices into groups, such as: hall lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, textiles, bakery, etc. Such an organised structure translates into a very precise view of the energy consumption of individual groups of receivers. Each device group has its own set of operational characteristics – for example they work at different times. Leaving the lights on at night is, of course, undesirable. However, despite the apparent awareness of the negative effects of such habits, it is difficult to tackle them effectively without the necessary tools. Our system is able to capture this type of abnormality, so that the user has full control over the functioning of the device.

For super- or hypermarkets, the ideal solution is to use Evo-Commander, a tool designed especially for the large facilities market niche. It allows the user to control all devices at the facility, and the installed meters monitor power consumption and report power outages automatically. In the case of a large number of facilities, full surveillance of supermarkets is centralized with the server-based Evosystem application.

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Learn more about all features of our modern tool – Evo-Commander

Evo-Commander is an enhanced version of Evo-S, which enables the user to control devices and thus manage the entire facility or a group of facilities. Evo-Commander is equipped with 36 programmable outputs / inputs. Outputs are designed to connect executable relay contactors. Inputs are used to confirm return operations on outputs. | more

What is Evosystem ?

Evosystem is an Internet service providing visualisation of media consumption. Firstly, meter data delivered to Evosystem servers are uploaded to databases and then shared with users via website www.evosystem.pl | more

We offer a number of additional services and full technical support for our systems

Our company provides a full range of services related to the management of such energy media as electricity, gas, heat and water. Full outsourcing allows the customer to spend his or her valuable time on business-related matters while Evolution System takes care of the energy security at the facility. | more


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