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Evolution System Spółka jawna (General Partnership)

The partnership was established in 2009 as a result of the merger of two companies providing services in the field of purchasing and managing electricity at the premises of Statoil Poland Sp. z o.o. and Carrefour Polska Sp. z o.o. Our fast-paced solutions have led to significant savings through both improved purchasing policies and rationalization of consumption. Distributed customer service and, in particular, experience gained over time, enabled us to take action in 2010 to extend our offer. As a consequence, we have created a strong Purchasing Group, whose total volume of electricity purchased on the free market exceeds 1,500 GWh annually and the related turnover reaches 0.5 billion zlotys (PLN).

EVOSYSTEM - Zużycia mediów pod kontrolą.
EVOSYSTEM – Media consumption under control.

CORRENTE Sp. z o.o.

CORRENTE was created as a special purpose company in 2011, and the sales of energy started in early 2012. Thanks to many years of experience in cost optimization, we are currently able to significantly reduce the price of electricity on wholesale purchases, which makes our offer very competitive on the market.


Evolution System in conjunction with CORRENTE

When cooperating with contractors, we ensure all tasks are carried out with full care and attention for the good of our Clients. As a result, most businesses entrust us with full control over power supply at their premises. Market expertise enables us to combine services in terms of both cost optimization and energy trading. We provide services such as monitoring of consumption, cost controlling or purchasing and selling energy. Given that business entities also create relevant departments in their internal structures, we try to adapt to the specific needs of our customers by filling out the gaps in services.

Evolution System employs people specialized primarily in energy industry. Our employees form technical brigades that carry out the installation and modernization of the systems. In addition, we have programmers with extensive knowledge related to collection, processing and reporting of metering data of all types of media (e.g. via the Internet). The rest of the staff forms part of the back office team, performing tasks such as media billing, contract review or analysis and reporting of irregularities. In order to maintain high quality of modernization of metering systems throughout Poland, we also cooperate with a number of subcontractors specialising in technical services and with all distribution and trading companies. Thanks to many years of collaboration with our Partners, we are able to seamlessly manage multi-branch customers regardless of their internal structure. Our employees and subcontractors are fully qualified to perform their tasks to the highest standards.

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Evo-Commander is an enhanced version of Evo-S, which enables the user to control devices and thus manage the entire facility or a group of facilities. Evo-Commander is equipped with 36 programmable outputs / inputs. Outputs are designed to connect executable relay contactors. Inputs are used to confirm return operations on outputs. | more

What is Evosystem ?

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We offer a number of additional services and full technical support for our systems

Our company provides a full range of services related to the management of such energy media as electricity, gas, heat and water. Full outsourcing allows the customer to spend his or her valuable time on business-related matters while Evolution System takes care of the energy security at the facility. | more


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